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Dmitry A. Olshansky

Home: P.O., box 16, St. Petersburg city, Russia, 198261

Phone: +7 /812/ 1557145

Email: Olshansky@hotmail.com


2002, September 2004, June: Postgraduate Student at M.A. Program in Religious Philosophy at St. Petersburg State University, Department of Philosophy;

2002, June: B.A. in Philosophy (Urals State University);

1998, September 2002, June: Undergraduate student at Urals State University, Department of Philosophy, major in Philosophy of Religion;

1996, September 1998, June: Lyceum of Urals State University;


Russian (native) English (fluent) Spanish and French (realing only) Investigation:

Dmitry A. Olshansky is the author of 120 articles on philosophy and literature and translations, published in Russia and abroad. His works keeps at The British Library (London, U.K.), at Wittgenstein Archives (Bergen, Norway), Polish National Library (Warsaw, Poland), the Library of Russian and Eurasian Studies Centre (St. Antonys College, Oxford University), Bakhtin Centre (Sheffield University, UK). He is the author of philosophical journal "Pathways News" (Sheffield, UK), theoretical journal "Credo New" (St. Petersburg, Russia), historical journal "Klio" (St. Petersburg, Russia), and "Filosoficky Casopis" (Prague, Czech).

Area of scientific interests: Modern and Postmodern Philosophy;

Theme of B.A. Thesis: Religious Foundation of Modernism;

Scientific Tutor: Dr. Nicolas V. Suslov (Urals State University);

Theme of M.A. Thesis: Marxism and Postmodernism: Religious Foundations of Discourse;

Scientific Tutor: Prof. Marianna M. Shakhnovich (St. Petersburg State University);

Scientific achievements:

2003, December: Honorary Member of Philosophical Society of England;

2003, October: Lifetime member of International Society for Philosophers;

2003, June: Russia Editor of the journal of Philosophical Society of England The Philosopher ;

2002, March: Award of Government of Urals Region for Scientific Student Work;

2001, January: Member of Philosophical Society of England;

2000, November: Active member of Russian Philosophical Society;

2000, April: Diploma of Rector of Urals State University for Organizing AllRussia Student Conference Young Thought on the Threshold of new Century (April 27 28, 2000);

1999, October: Dmitry A. Olshanskys name was included in the Encyclopedia Who is who in Linguistics of XX century (Siktivkar, 1999, vol. 1. p. 80), edited by Prof. Sergey V. Lesnikov;

1999, February 2002, May: Initiator and Chairman of Annual ConferenceCompetition of School Essays in Yekaterinburg;

1998, May: Diploma of Urals Lyceum for Excellent Study and Achievements in Humanities;


2003, March: English editor of philosophical journal "Reality and Subject" ;

2003, January: Interpreter from Russian into English at historical journal "Klio" ;

2002, December: Interpreter from Russian into English at philosophical journal "Reality and Subject" ;

Articles and brochures:

1. Olshansky D.A. Sociolinguistics as the Cultural Phenomenon of New Millennium. Yekaterinburg, Urals State University, 1999. 16 pages;

2. Dialogic Principle of Mikhail Bakhtin.// Journal Sophia (Yekaterinburg), No. 1, 2000. p. 36 44;

3. Social Dialogue as the Cultural Principle of Open Society.// Journal Personality. Culture. Society, (Moscow), 2000. p. 246 249;

4. Devaluation of Intelligentsia Mentality in Epoch of Postmodern.// Journal Klio (St. Petersburg), No. 2 (14), 2001. p. 135 143;

5. Totality in S.L. Frank and S. Freud: Comparative Analysis of Philosophical Writing.// Theoretical journal Credo New (St. Petersburg), No. 3 (31), 2002. p. 121 148;

6. Translation as Religious Problem.// Scientific collection Questions of Philology and Methods of Teaching (Veliky Novgorod), issue IV.. 2002. p. 116 123;

7. Interpretation of K. Marxs doctrine in contemporary philosophy.// Journal Questions of Marxian Philosophy (Krasnoe Selo). No. 1, 2002. p. 74 95;

8. Historicophilosophical Problems of Definition of Modernism.// Theoretical journal Credo New (St. Petersburg), No. 3 (31), 2002. p. 121 148;

9. Ideology of Modernism in S. Freud and W. James.// Yearbook Practical Psychology 2002. No. 5, 2002. p. 48 52;

10. Adequacy and Violence: Authorship Issues in Translation.// Scientific Collection CrossCultural Communication and National Identity Issues. Voronezh, 2002. p.153 161;

11. Logic of Philosophers Stone. Revaluation of the Sciences.// Journal of Tyumen State University, No. 1, 2002. p. 50 64;

12. Hermeneutics and Semanalysis of Julia Kristeva.// Scientific Collection Philosophical and Applied Aspects of Hermeneutics. Voronezh, 2003. p. 121 124;

On Dmitry Olshansky:

1. Soskin V.L. The Problems of Scientific Foundation in Intelligentsia Studies. Commentaries on Dmitry Olshanskys article Phenomenon of Intelligentsia.// Intelligentsia and the Problems of Formation of Civil Society in Russia, Yekaterinburg, 2000. p. 69 71;

2. Makarov I.I. Commentaries on Dmitry Olshanskys article Interpretation of K. Marxs doctrine in contemporary philosophy.// Questions of Marxian Philosophy. No. 1, 2002. p. 95 100;

Publications Abroad:

1. Sociolinguistics as a Cultural Phenomenon.// Semantics of World and Text. Collection of International Conference. IvanoFrankovsk (Ukraine) 2000. p. 429 433; [ i . i VI ii ii 26 28 2000. Ii. 2000. . 429 433;] 2. Philosopical Sociolinguistics in Russia: foundations and development.// Russian Language in Social Space of XX century. Almati (Kazakhstan), 2001. p. 233 234;

3. Transformation of Bakhtins Dialogue in Poststructuralism.// Scientific collection Literary Text: Perception. Analysis. Interpretation (Vilnius, Lithuania), No 3, 2002. p. 100 108;

4. Cultural sense of symbol.// Philosophers of XX century: Alexey Losev. Minsk (Belarus), 2002. p. 7 11;

5. Mikhail Bakhtin: Religious Dialogue in Fyodor Dostoevsky.// "Dostoevsky and World Culture". Karaganda (Kazakhstan), 2002. p. 85 93;

6. Religious Foundation of Translation.// Philosophical Journal of Czech Academy "Filosoficky Casipos". No. 6 (50), 2002. p. 991 1000; [Religiozni zaklady prekladu.// Vidava Filosoficky ustav Akademie ved Ceske republiky v Praze "Filosoficky Casopis". No. 6 (50), 2002. S. 991 1000 ( in Czech );] 7. Freedom and Totality in the Space of Game.// Problems of Freedom in Theoretical and Practical Philosophy in 2 volumes. Vol. 2, Kharkiv (Ukraine), 2003. p. 170 175;

8. Narratives of the Self and Identity.// Journal of the Philosophical Society The Philosopher, No. 2, 2003. p. 22 24 ( in English );

9. Classics and Modern Project: The Truth as Becoming of Center.// The Social and National in Philosophy, Bishkek (Kirgizstan), 2003. p. 167 174;

10. Philosophy and Culture of Russia Abroad: History and Perspectives.// The Problem of East West Relation: Historical Perspectives. Collection of Institute of History of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Sofia (Bulgaria), 2003. p. 422 428;

11. Beyond the Narrative Principle: The Problems of Analysis from Freud to Kristeva.// Scientific conference with International Participation Stara Zagora 2003 June 5 6, 2003. Vol. IV, Part 2. Stara Zagora (Bulgaria), 2003. p. 41 45;

Published Papers:

1. N.A. Berdyaev: Russian Thought Abroad.// History. Sociology. Art. Philology, Yekaterinburg, 2000. p. 43 47;

2. Russian Thought in Emigration.// XXI Century: The Future of Russia in Philosophical measuring, Volume 4, Part I, Yekaterinburg, 1999. p. 137 139;

3. Open Society in Russia.// Culture and Economics of the Region, Tyumen, 2000. p. 56 59;

4. Phenomenon of Intelligentsia.// Intelligentsia and the Problems of Formation of Civil Society in Russia, Yekaterinburg, 2000. p. 79 81;

5. Solovyovs Russian National Idea in the Works of N. Berdyaev.// Vladimir Solovyov and PhilosophicCultural Thought of XX Century, Ivanovo, 2000. p. 199 205;

6. The Problems of Formation of Multuculture at PostTotalitarian State.// Values and Social Technologies of Democratic Society of XXI Century as the Aim of Higher Humanitarian Education, Yekaterinburg, 2000. p. 186 190;

7. To the Question of Russian Idea. Development of Solovyovs Views by the PhilosophersEmigrants.// V.S. Solovyov: Life, Creation, Tradition, Yekaterinburg, 2000. p. 134 143;

8. About the Role of Discursive Thinking in the Social Sciences (Answer to Professor V.L. Soskins Commentaries on my article Phenomenon of Intelligentsia).// Materials of RoundTable Discussion Mediation Functions of Intelligentsia in the Formation of Civil Society, Yekaterinburg, 2000. p. 71 76;

9. The Theme of Superperson in Russian Philosophy in Abroad.// Friedrich Nietzsche and Russian Philosophy, Yekaterinburg, 2000. p. 118 129 (with Alyona S. Podlesnaya);

10. Anthropotheological Orientation of Russian Thought.// Russian Philosophy of XX th Century: National Peculiarities, Trends and Schools, Lives, Yekaterinburg, 2000. p. 138 148;

11. Vladimir Solovyov about Russian nation.// Ideal Heritage of V.S. Solovyov and the Problems of coming century, Omsk, 2000. p. 58 61;

12. An Actual Problems of Investigation of Russian Emigration.// The Humans Problems in Historical Process, Yekaterinburg, 2000. p. 99 103;

13. The Theory of Social Dialogue.// An Actual Problems of Administration 2000, Moscow, 2000. p. 139 142;

14. Scientific Problems of Investigation of Russian Philosophy Abroad.// Russian Civilization between East and West, Moscow, 2000. p. 79 81;

15. The Problems of Freedom in Judaic and Christian Ethics.// Sense of Human Freedom, Yekaterinburg, 2000. p. 36 42;

16. Derrida and Bakhtin: Phenomenon of Dialogue.// Collectionbook in memory of M.M. Bakhtin, Yekaterinburg, 2000. p. 30 33;

17. Martin Buber: Dialogic Principle of Sacral Thinking.// Philosophy of XXth Century, SanktPeterburg, 2001. p. 171 176;

18. Humans Free Will in Judaism and Christianity (Medieval Doctrines).// Faith and Church of the Meddle Ages and the Modern Time (Western Europe and Byzantium), Moscow, 2001. p. 8 14;

19. Epoch of Postmodern: Devaluation of Tradition Values.// Reform in Russia and Problems of Administration, Moscow, 2001. p. 233 234;

20. Provincialism as the Form of Russian Intelligentsia Thinking.// Methodology of Investigation of History, Economics and Culture of Russian Province, Vol. 4, Kostroma, 2001. p. 8 14;

21. Phenomenon of Social Dialogue.// Russian Intelligentsia: Critics of Historical Experience, Yekaterinburg, 2001. p. 91 94;

22. Reflection on first chapter of S. Franks book God with Us.// Personology of Russian Philosophy, Yekaterinburg, 2001. p. 180 188;

23. Nonclassical Paradigm of Text Reading.// Literature as the Form of Russian Philosophy, Yekaterinburg, 2001. p. 77 79;

24. Psychoanalyze in S.L. Franks Religious Philosophy.// Actual Problems of Contemporary Science. Vol. 7. Samara, 2001. p. 144;

25. Title and Difference.// Actual Problems of Contemporary Science. Vol. 7. Samara, 2001. p. 99;

26. Ecology of the Text. An answer to Prof. M. Epstein.// Young Thought on the Threshold of New Century. Part 2. Yekaterinburg, 2001. p. 29 37;

27. Modern in History of Philosophy: Conclusion of the Project.// Young Thought on the Threshold of New Century. Part 2. Yekaterinburg, 2001. p. 64 66 (with Valery V. Shingaryova);

28. Dialogue of Neotribes in Postindustrial Society.// Innovations in Social Sciences. Kazan, 2001. p. 89 92;

29. Nonclassical Reading of Marx.// History of Management and Business. Moscow, 2001. p. 73 78;

30. Totality of religious and psychoanalytical thinking: Dialogue between S. Freud and S. Frank.// Russian Philosophy: diversity and unity. Moscow, 2001. p. 162 166;

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